Obsessive estetic

Well, let me tell you about an obsession of mine: KIDS, no idiot I’m talking about a movie, the movie!
It’s a click of teens like 14, 15 years old, fucking, getting drunk, smoking joints, being unconcerned about life, living it to the fullest. I like that. I lived like that. Kinda. And what I obsess about is its raw estetic. Every time I take a picture and edit it there is a story rolling in the back of my head happening in the snap of a finger:

I just imagine myself in New York, it has to be in the summer tho, it’s important. I see myself skating through this jungle with my friends and between the usual hangout places, discover some new shit. Girls are the center of attention and for them we willingly break the law and let our hearts race. Sundown is 90’s rap and rock&roll embracing the night. Over a star bright sky we party and fuck until the sun kisses our skin. This, well this is how I imagine New York in the summer, all thanks to KIDS. Shit, I’m glad I found this movie.

The movie itself has of course a message, a cast, maybe more than one message and a bunch of technical stuff I don’t really give a crap about! It’s a movie to be felt not understood! Go watch it, it’s perfect not because it’s splendidly made but because all flaws merge perfectly together and in a very human way portraits what a young New Yorkers daily life could be.

By now I still didn’t told you what the movie is about, right?
I love the estetic of this movie so much that I almost forget about the issues it touches, oddly enough very updated.

Stay present.

Here is the movie

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