Have you ever heard of a brand named PRESSURE? I didn’t till like two month’s ago.
As you see all fashion brands trying to follow Gucci with their colourful flowered tees, there is some change happening.
I read an article where fashion activism like Vivianne Westwood was coming back and this makes sense, with so much racism, unawareness and misjudgment going around.

I do believe in this and appreciate the awareness coming through art and fashion.
I don’t really give a fuck about the catwalks and their fashion shows, so I turn to the street brands. This is were I found out about Pressure. I think they are Greek, mythology is quit present, but there is a lot going on with the Arab nations to. They are based in Paris and I think they let themselves be inspired by the countries that surround the Mediterranean sea.

I love the usage of Greek & Arab typography, although I don’t understand shit. It’s compelling, stetically beautiful and much better than getting a tattoo were you have some wrong shit on your skin for life. Their usage of pictures has everything to go wrong, oddly enough they work well and are like a window to the Arab speaking countries of the Mediterranean.

The only thing that annoys me is that Portugal isn’t included in the collective. Still I bought a t-shirt to show my support to cultures misrepresented or just viewed as underground.

Stay present

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