I should sleep more

So, I have a problem, I don’t sleep.
Well I do, but very little, not to the point where I can call it insomnia tho! I usually sleep between 4h and 5h and I’m good to go. But 3days ago I went a little to far!

I slept 2.30h and at the end of the day I was looking like a homeless with a massive hangover. What did I do? Well I went to bed at 00.30h to wake up at 06.00h, well done right?
The way I looked next day is something my mirror does not want to recall! I remember looking at my friend on our way home and seeing her blurred and unbalanced, and I started remembering those days back in the university.

We were used to go out, drink, smoke weed and maybe do some stuff more, to then return home at 06.00h – 07.00h and start university at 08.00! In a twisted way we were able to do this, study all night long if needed and still function normal,
or partially cause my brain decided to have selective memory from that period of my live.

Shit am I getting old or what? I definitely should sleep more!

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