Short term goals

With a lack of determination and long term goals, there is a short term goal I have for a while which is getting tattoos. Yeah pretty basic I know.
Still, I appreciate the fact that your body is a canvas and you can ink whatever you want. For me it’s more a moment thing that turns the tattoo into a memory of that moment, you get what I am saying?
As I believe that when I grow older I will have Alzheimer’s, there might be a chance of me remembering some experiences I had through my tattoos. Or so I’d like to believe!
It’s not like I have plenty of them, but I do have 3..for now.

The goal is to get a few more, one for sure is a tattoo that remembers me of my trip to southeast Asia where India was without a doubt the country that had the biggest impact on me, not meaning at all that it was my favourite.

Then, there is an other one, a very stupid one.
My sister instead of calling me by my name decided to baptize me estevão, which I recently discovered is a flower, in English: gum rockrose. So yeah kinda in honour of her I will do that.

All the others are just tattoos that are on my mind. Understand this, even if you do a tattoo with no purpose at all it will have one because of the period of the time you did. That is the magic of getting inked.

Stay present

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