I have a photographic camera but use a smartphone. Easy.

So, I have a photographic camera, which I don’t use but should. It has an amazing quality and a big number of options within its settings. I am pretty sure that I could do amazing shit with my camera if I invested enough time.
The problem? My lense is broken. This means giving away a shit-ton of money to purchase a new lense. But there is an other problem that keeps me from giving this first step! If I buy a lense will I then use my photographic camera?
You see, I have a smartphone which allows me to take pictures with an pretty good quality. As of the style, well there is a shit-ton of apps that allow me to change color balance and contrast faster than mood swings. It’s easy and that is the best word to describe it! Easy.

Fuck am I ashamed but it’s true. The one holding a camera and taking pictures with it is a savage man or woman, who in every breath sees the perfect framework to be taken. Plus he has a style because he knows what he wants.
Man I never knew what I wanted in my life and I sure as hell don’t know what type of style I want to portray taking a picture. I change, my opinions change, my views change and I simply adapt. For better or worse this is me, sometimes good most of them bad because it may be seen as lack of personality.

Stay present

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