Girls be girls

They hang out, lay down and chill. They literally have conversations from a – z, they have questions, some seem shallow but they always in a non expecting way manage to became profound, interesting and reveling.
Girls be girls, they appreciate one another, they are understanding. And if I wouldn’t be there only these girls and God would know where the flow of conversation would go.
Being there, there is only this much I am allowed to hear.

You see as a boy I don’t get this.
Boys are much more simpler, they don’t explore one another’s layers. We don’t unleash our penises, compare them and maybe even compliment on them, no. No no! It’s like “if you tell me, I believe you”, point.
There is always a very manly aetheric that doesn’t allow us to be fully sincere. Woman do, woman are, they surgically cut into one another, and show that bleeding is ok, like an ancient Maya ritual that in the end only blossoms you even more.

Girls be girls, girls explore. Boys, well boys tell stories.

Stay present

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