I finally got caught

Finally it happened! I got fucking caught! Twice!
In late February it would have been a year that I travel around the city without paying ticket.
You see it annoys the fuck out of me to pay 80CHF.- (Swiss francs) and never having someone checking on me! So I decided to make the city pass again and act like a civilized and moral honest person once I get caught.
Well that happened and I was quite happy about it the first time! The second, literally the next day, was simply stupidity which annoyed me. I got a shot of karma I get it, what comes around goes around!
My friends either called me a communist for acting this way or would be very nervous in my presence despite having paid their fare. Friends you don’t have to worry no more!
To be honest I felt like a prison fugitive always wondering if today is the day!
Well for two days in a row was the day!

Stay present!

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