Who I want to be

“You have to decide who you want to be”
This was part of a bigger conversation I had with friends, some time ago.

We gathered together drank some coffee and kicked it. Eventually the conversation started to be about picking out what is more characteristic about ourselves.
Who better to define you than your friends?
Well I got my share of the cake, and I’m satisfied.

It’s true, I want to be everything, anything, pleasing everyone, anyone, forgetting to please myself and be myself in the end. Maybe I’m afraid to not be accepted as who I am, turning myself into a character changing chameleon. This way I can adapt to people’s personality. I never really thought about it but I guess it’s true. Now I know that I have to change and decide who I want to be.

Many friends ask me what my blog is about. I don’t fucking know, it’s a journey where I aspire to figure my shit out myself. The only thing for you to do is accompanying me till I figure it out, or don’t. Thank you Natalia, thank you Latife.

Stay present


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