Rice please

So, a new Migos single is out, Stir Fry, with a lot of flavour. Most of all the Videoclip is quite eye catching with an 70’s soundproof style and dramatic theatrical moves, managing to be futuristic.
This actually reminded me of something else, a TV series called the Get Down, with a also theatrical and dramatic cinematical style, much more authentic and rude, giving us a real impression and feeling that we are set back in the late 70’s, a time and place unknown at least to me!
It’s about the rise of Hip-Hop and Punk rock when New York City was looking like hell on earth. I am amazed with this series for sure. And if you don’t like mumble rappers and trap then this show gives you the back bone of Hip-hop.

Well with all this in the back of my mind my belly was already roaring like a tiger. The decision was made before I even could think much more, today I’m getting Chinese!
The place is the perfect irony, stereotypically idea we have of Chinese places! It doesn’t look like much, what should be stored somewhere behind was actually in front of the eyes of the costumer, dismissing common people, skeptics, inviting the connoisseurs nose only.
There ain’t much space, bags of rice stand in front of you and there are only two tables, small ones.

The food is amazing because what matters is what you eat and goes around your tongue! Curry rice with coconut milk, not very Chinese, I know, still and I managed to time travel to someplace in Shanghai! If only the lady spoke Chinese instead of German!
If you are from around, you should definitely stop by.

Stay present

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